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AeroSky can perform building and rooftop inspections for residential & commercial real estate.


We can evaluate leaks, rooftop condition, and new installations. Easily collect valuable data for actionable decisions.

Record all issues with visible evidence & tracking.

AeroSky drones can also provide a HD video downlink to a Virtual Reality headset. You can view all inspection footage in a live VR environment.


Understand tower condition, existing mounted equipment conditions and identify issues before they become problematic.


Capture all angles of a tower with ease using our drones which feature zoom lens cameras onboard. 


AeroSky can assist you in obtaining the necessary data to make informed decisions.


We fly our drones in close proximity to storage tanks or silos to obtain valuable data with high-definition aerial imagery.


Access hard to reach areas, dangerous heights or confined spaces with ease.


We capture informative photos giving you actionable insights.


We can inspect large solar panel installations, wind turbines, and power lines with ease.

Our aerial platforms allow you to see panel condition, inspect tall wind turbines, and get details on power equipment or towers.

We can also provide aerial drone Thermal Imaging cameras for inspections or identification of hot spots.


Capture HD video footage & high res images of bridge condition, spot structural weak points, or show off your newly completed bridge construction.


Our drones can enable you to collect powerful data as well as capture beautiful marketing imagery. We also provide in-house post editing & video production services. This is free in most cases for any projects we work on.

Tel: +353 (0)87 2710476



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