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AeroSKY UAV Solutions

for Plants, Crops & Agriculture

We can help you make data driven decisions

that take the guesswork out of field trials, crop threats & field variability.

Tackle challenges in the field by converting aerial images

into actionable information to prevent issues & maximise results.



Inspect your fields

Identify issues faster by scouting with timely and high-resolution maps.



Understand your fields

Explore different vegetation index maps to identify the key crop areas that need to be addressed.



More data  for your trials

Compare the trends derived from vegetation index maps to ensure the sustainability of new techniques or performance of new products.

Crop Health

Monitoring damage made by pests, color change due to pest infection

Plant Scouting

Measure plant size, plot statistics, stand number, compromised plots, planter skips

Vegetation Indices

Monitor leaf area, anomaly detection, treatment efficacy, phenology, yield

Water \ Irrigation

Identify water-stressed parts of the field/orchard in need of watering, identify irrigation issues.

Plant Height

Measure plant height and density

Soil Analysis

Nutrient availability for plant nutrient management


We can be your digital boots on the ground....

AeroSky Agriculture

Inspect, analyse and visualize your crop changes all year round


The AeroSky process works like this..

1. Consult

We will discuss your requirements with you and the data you require from surveying your crops, plants or fields using our drone aircraft.

The next stage following this is to arrange the capture of the data by flying our drones over your chosen locations.

2. Capture

Our IAA licensed pilots will travel to your location and collect the required images of  using our drones.


The drone will fly a flight path automatically created by our state of the art software designed for this purpose.

3. Scout

We can then generate orthomosaics, 3D models, digital surface models, index maps and accurate prescription maps to best convey the information captured.

We can alos trim field boundaries or select specific areas only within the captured maos.

4. Analyse

We will help you to visualise and understand your crop\plant growth stages and stress levels.

Analyse and compare different layers of information for a full insight of your yield performance and use them to increase crop production and reduce costs.

5. Share

Share the captured data easily among all the relevant stakeholders both internally and externally.

AeroSky can also provide training on this if required.

6. Integrate

Download all outputs, results and insights and import them into the Farming Management Software of your choice in various industry standard formats.

Contact AeroSky for software info.

Simple One Off Jobs 

to Enterprise Scale Projects.

Stay Ahead of Field Threats

Detect variability and prevent crop loss.

Gain whole-field intelligence with current conditions data.

Identify crop variation and damage to optimize your scouting program.  


Address or prevent issues from inclement weather, equipment malfunction, pests, and disease.


In-Field Insights


Identify field management opportunities in real-time.

Make more accurate yield projections across multiple fields with Live Map.


Identify areas for specific management like replanting and nitrogen application.


Generate variable rate prescriptions based on current and historical data

Soil and Field Analysis


Our drones are able to produce 3D maps, quickly and cheaply, which are then used for the design of seed-planting patterns and the generation of a wide range of data types with many applications e.g. nitrogen-level management.

Crop Monitoring


Satellite imagery was previously the most advanced form of crop monitoring, but suffers from some major drawbacks:

  1. Satellite imagery is very costly. 

  2. Images must be ordered in advance and can be imprecise.

  3. Poor weather impedes data quality.


However, AeroSky drones can monitor crops much more accurately, frequently and affordably, delivering higher quality data that is updated regularly to provide insight into crop development and highlight inefficient or ineffective practices.

Health Assessment


AeroSky drones can also be used to generate multispectral images of crops (based on the amounts of green and infrared light reflected), which are then analysed to track changes in health and maturity.


The ability to assess the health of a crop quickly and precisely can be invaluable for farmers or growers.

For example, if a bacterial or fungal infection is identified, early detection allows for quick action to be taken in order to remedy the issue.

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