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Construction Progress

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Monitor Progress


Visual Timeline of Progress 

Timelapse Videos

Showcase developments & assist future bids.

What We Offer

AeroSky UAV Ltd. can help you to communicate your project achievements and showcase your projects in the most impressive way using aerial imagery of progress onsite.

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High Resolution Imagery

The AeroSky drones can capture stunning airborne images and videos of your projects to show off the development in the best possible way.

We can create full post edited videos with company logos, text, motion graphics and voice overs to best convey your company message and achievements.


Digital Twins & 
3D Models

We can replicate a 'digital twin' of your project to communicate your achievements onsite.

Our drone technology can reconstruct your entire construction site as a 3D  model over time creating am impressive visual display for showing off to your clients or prospective customers.

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Time Lapse Videos


Time Lapse Videos Are Attention Grabbers


The iCam construction camera solution helps you to record several months of work on a construction site and create professional timelapse videos. 


Using our iCam timelapse cameras, construction project monitoring becomes a powerful communication tool that can be shared internally among stakeholders or across your social media platforms. 


A timelapse video forms an important added value for your construction documentation. The iCam service helps you to showcase your completed work but also allows for real-time project progress tracking while motivating your team onsite.​

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Drone Fly Overs & Fly Throughs

We can visit your site on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to capture drone imagery of your construction progress. 

We also have small lightweight drones than can be flown safely indoors without damage to property to record stunning indoor video of your development.

Already finished your build? Thats not a problem, we can provide you with a final fly over video or fly through to showcase your project to new or existing clients.

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