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Drone Inspections




High Value Asset Inspections

Hard To Access




What We Offer

AeroSky UAV Ltd. can provide remotely operated drone inspections of any asset. We can reduce the cost of inspections and risks involved.

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Remote Drone Inspections

Drone Inspections of Structures and Roofs.

Our drones can carry out aerial inspections safely with less risk and in hard to access areas. By using drones, there is little to no disruption to your operations.

Our unmanned aircraft can operate in close proximity to subjects and also feature high powered zoom cameras giving a detailed view without compromising safety of persons or property.

AeroSky UAV can conduct highly detailed asset inspections from the air providing a more cost-effective, safer and time friendly result for our clients.

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Digital Twins & 3D Models

We can replicate a 'digital twin' of an asset allowing you to report on it's condition or progress.

A digital twin is a digital exact replica of your asset or structure.


We can create these to inspect structures that are not feasible to inspect by normal means or too dangerous to access. 

The results are true to life, accurate and cost effective. We can create these 3D models in a timely manner and give you the facility to view the model, zoom in on specific areas of interest, annotate, create reports and print images. It is also possible to measure distances, slops and heights with a simple click of a button.


Roof Inspections

We can provide you with a detailed roof report in minutes.

Our drones can complete an automated flyover of your roof to provide a detailed roof report highlighting problem areas. 

The software we use can give you measurements, closeup images of issues identified and automatic reports which you can share where required.

We also provide you with a highly detailed map of your roof.

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Live View

AeroSky give you a live view of the video feed from the drone while we work in real time.

Our drone transmits a live video feed to our base station monitor allowing you to view the footage in real time. This allows you to make data driven decisions quickly onsite. 

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