Our GDPR policy

The AeroSky Privacy Policy outlines information regarding our compliance and can be viewed here.  

We treat the collecting, storage and processing of our client's Personal Data very seriously. 

We need to make you aware of when it comes to our processes and procedures for Photographic, Video and Audio data/files this now comes under the definition of Personal Data and therefore for imagery and sound files that can identify a natural person we need to comply with the new GDPR legislation in how we collect, store and process these files or “Personal Data”.

We adhere to appropriate processes and procedures for the collection, storage and processing of other Personal Data such as your name, address, email, phone numbers, marketing consent etc.

For Aerial Imagery service bookings, where the images can reasonably identify you, we will always:

  • Request your permission to collect, store and process your visual image, and sound if audio is being recorded, at the time of booking, without your agreement we will not be able to accept your booking.

  • Request your permission to use a sample of the images, and audio files if sound is being recorded, as Portfolio.

  • Delete/destroy all non-portfolio Photographic, Video and Audio files 6 months after completion of our services to you i.e. the delivery of your imagery.

  • Our images & videos remain our Copyright and possession at all times unless otherwise agreed.