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Mapping & Surveying


Photogrammetry & Orthomosaic Maps

Accurate 3D Maps & Models

Full Colour Point Cloud & Digital Surface Model (DSM)

Thermal Maps

& RTK Drone Aircraft

What We Offer

AeroSky UAV Ltd. can create accurate, high- resolution digital replicas with 3D models, real-time 2D maps and 360 virtual tours.

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High Resolution Maps & Imagery 

AeroSky use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones to create high resolutions maps and images for land mapping and surveying.


We can visit your site, complete an automated flyover and provide you with the data in a matter of hours.

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Accurate Imagery & Data

The aerial imagery captured is geo referenced and ortho-rectified with great accuracy to allow measurements to be taken directly from the drone images.


Measurements such as area, distance, volume calculations and elevation models  can be obtained from this data.

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Thermal Imagery

We can capture high resolution thermal video and full colour images at the same.

Our drones can provide pixel sized temperature variations for solar panel inspections or other energy assets.

Following our manual or automated flyovers, we can provide our clients with inspection reporting  e.g. spot measurements of hot/cold points of interest. 

The drones we use allow you to regularly inspect inaccessible and dangerous areas without compromising the safety of your employees. 

Applications of our thermal imagery services include:

  • Power Line Inspection

  • Solar Panel Inspection

  • Search & Rescue

  • Precision Agriculture

  • Fire Fighting

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Planning Application Images

Agriculture \ Boundary Mapping

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